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1980s nostalgia aside, spandex still has a variety of uses, from sports apparel to medical applications. Ru-Li Textiles Corp sells spandex by the roll or the yard, all at wholesale prices.

Spandex: beyond the hair bands

A modern multi-tasker

Create a sleek, contemporary design for weddings or other special event decor. Replace cotton tablecloths, chair coverings and draperies with spandex. Get it wholesale at Ru-Li Textiles Corp!

From neon to neutral - any color you like

'Industry insider' prices now available to John Q. Public

Ru-Li Textiles Corp offers spandex and lycra in just about any color of the rainbow, even beige, brown or basic black.

At Ru-Li Textiles Corp, our fabric prices start at an astoundingly low $0.40 a yard. Can your favorite fabric shop beat that? Available in both poly and nylon.

Yes, we can get it for you wholesale! Visit our warehouse on Fleetwood Court or Call: 631-273-4017