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Are you still using an old blanket to cover up a rip or stain in your car's upholstery? Drive to Ru-Li Textiles Corp for the biggest selection of automotive upholstery fabric at wholesale prices!

Put your blanket back on your bed

If you're 'not in the industry,' it's not a problem!

At Ru-Li Textiles Corp, we're opening our doors to the public for the first time. Everyone's an 'insider' now!

Our selection is worth a look, and worth the trip

Professional grade fabrics, everyday people prices

Whether you want to get your car back to its showroom look, or customize it with your choice of color, Ru-Li Textiles Corp can help you. We provide vinyl and velour.

Since 1973, Ru-Li Textiles Corp has catered to the fashion and auto industry. Now we cater to everybody, and that means you!

Ru-Li Textiles receives new products every day. Let us know your color needs.

Call us: 631-273-4017